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Welcome to Connected Data London 2024

11-13 December 2024

etc. Venues St Paul's, London, United Kingdom

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Deep-dive into the latest insights and applications of Knowledge Graphs, Graph Analytics | AI | Data Science | Databases and Semantic Technology. We’ve been shaping this domain since 2016. Join Connected Data Newsletters to be in the know on the latest industry news.

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Knowledge Graphs

Conference features cutting-edge discussions on semantic technologies, linked data, and AI. Experts explore applications in healthcare, finance, and beyond, sharing insights into data integration, knowledge representation, and machine learning algorithms.

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Graph AI

2024 Event showcases the latest advancements in graph-based artificial intelligence. Attendees delve into topics like graph neural networks, knowledge graphs, and applications in recommendation systems, fraud detection, and social network analysis.


Graph Databases

Conference is a hub for exploring the power of graph databases in modern data management. Topics include graph query languages, distributed graph systems, and real-world implementations across industries.

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Semantic Tech

2024 Event explores the realm of semantic technologies, covering topics like ontology engineering, natural language processing, and semantic web standards. Attendees gain insights into applications spanning healthcare, e-commerce, and more.

Explore Masterclasses, Conference in 3 Tracks, Pre-arranged Meetings and Workshops

Connected Data London 2024 Conference offers a comprehensive range of data-related insights to help businesses manage and analyze their data. Click below to learn more about Knowledge Graph development, Graph Data Science, Graph Database design and development, and Semantic Technology implementation. 

Join now the gathering of top industry professionals focusing on Knowledge Graphs, Graph Data Science, Graph Databases, Semantic Technology. Don't miss this unique industry opportunity to exchange experience, share best tips, tricks, and traps, conduct masterclasses for educational purposes, as well attend formal pre-arranged face-to-face meetings.

Due to high demand spaces are limited. Buy your ticket now!

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